Patch 3662

Welcome to the patchnotes for the 3662 patch.

These are the less controversial changes from the finished patch that will get released now. The more controversial changes will be decided after a community vote about the general direction and organization of balancing.

It contains a few bugfixes, some adjustments, additions and improvements to changes of the last patch and new things like the Janus that finally gets some real love.

We wish you good luck and much fun playing with the new patch!

-- The balanceteam



While the bomber changes of the first part can either be beneficial for aeon players and their auroras or not, the t2 nerfs were definitely welcome for them. To even this out a little bit, aeon t1 mma will now not survive a single bomb like the others, and can tank less damage in ground battles, but gets a small compensation in range.
  • Health: 360 → 250
  • Range: 32 → 35



The janus bomber already saw significant improvements to its accuracy in the first part of the patch, but it wasn't the end of the process. This change re-works the bomber's firing cycle to ensure a large, even spread. The goal is to make it a more versatile and useful (and being made fun of less) unit, while being different to the other t2 bombers. Where the other t2 bombers are most useful to take out single targets, the role of the janus will lie more in taking out large armies with its AOE.
  • Number of Bomb Carpets: 2 → 3
  • DoTTime (Damage over Time Time, yes that's how it's called): 2.5 → 4
  • Total Damage (if all bombs hit, for which you need to hit multiple units): 1200 → 1800

T1 bomber

After observing the bomber changes from the last patch for a while now, and with a greater number of games to judge them, we are able to finetune the new bombers a little bit more.
  • Mass cost: 120 → 105
  • Energy cost: 2400 → 2450
  • Build time: 800 → 700


Mercies shouldn't circle in the air for a long time and run out of fuel before landing anymore.


Aeon TMD

The last bugfixes with the Aeon TMD caused it to be even better at stopping missiles than it should have been.
  • Rate of fire: 0.32 → 0.25

T2 Land HQ

This is another change where we are able to finetune the numbers as we got more information and feedback about the change since the last patch.
  • Mass cost: 1280 → 1170
  • Energy cost: 11200 → 9100

Airstaging Platform

We decreased the staging 'size' of most aircraft to make docking an easier and quicker process. Air staging platforms are now able to service more higher tech planes at once.



Nerfs to RAS have been discussed for a long time, as the powerful RAS had a couple of negative effects like a much faster jump to T3 air, especially in teamgames. Along with this, RAS SCUs become more expensive in power to make it a bit less easy decision to choose between them or massfabs in the lategame.

  • BuildTime: 1400 → 2800
  • Energy cost: 150000 → 175000
  • Aeon income: 18 mass, 2700 energy → 1700 energy
  • Seraphim income: 16 mass, 3000 energy → 2000 energy
  • UEF income: 14 mass, 3300 energy → 2500 energy
  • Cybran income: 12 mass, 3500 energy → 2700 energy

  • Energy cost: 60000 → 90000

T2 & T3 Upgrade

The tech upgrades get some of their regen back to give ACUs an easy way to regenerate health again, but without making it able to compete with the Nano upgrades. The HP nerf for the T2 ACU gets reduced slightly to reduce the negative effects of it, but is replaced with a small cost increase for the dominant upgrade.

T2 Upgrade:
  • Health Regeneration: 0 → +10
  • Health: +1500 → +2000
  • Energy cost: 18000 → 21000
  • Mass cost: 720 → 800
  • Build Time: 900 → 1000

T3 Upgrade:
  • Health Regeneration: 0 → +20


Several ACU upgrades got reduced cost to allow them to be built earlier and allow for more aggressive ACU action. Especially regarding the nerfs to the T2 upgrade last patch, which reduced the power of both, attacking and defending ACUs, this changes should give players who like to play more aggressive additional tools.

Nano-Repair System:
  • Energy cost: 44800 → 24000
  • Mass cost: 1200 → 800
  • Build time: 1400 → 800
  • Health: +2000
  • Health Regeneration: +60 → +40

Seraphim ACU

Nano-Repair System:
  • Energy cost: 90000 → 42000
  • Mass cost: 2000 → 1200
  • Build time: 2800 → 1200
  • Health Regeneration: +75 → +60
  • Health: 6000 → 3000

Aeon ACU

While the first aeon shield was in a good place, the second one was largely unused. The old second shield got removed completely, the old first shield got moved to be now the second shield. The new first shield is a moderately strong and cheap mid-game upgrade. Personal Shield Generator:
  • Energy cost: 93750 → 35000
  • Mass cost: 1500 → 1000
  • Build time: 1750 → 1000
  • Shield Health: 29000 → 8000
  • Shield Upkeep: 250 → 150
  • ShieldRechargeTime: 160 → 65
  • ShieldRegenRate: 37 → 30
Heavy Shield Generator:
  • Energy cost: 1000000 → 93750
  • Mass cost: 4500 → 1500
  • Build time: 3500 → 1750
  • Shield Health: 44000 → 29000
  • Shield Upkeep: 500 → 250
  • ShieldRechargeTime: 200 → 160
  • ShieldRegenRate: 44 → 37

Bug Fixes


The Flapjack now does friendly fire damage like all other MMLs.


The Selen stealth mechanic has been further improved. Manual toggle shifts selection priority and toggles weapon off now. Motion toggles stealth.

Aeon naval TMD

Aeon TMD on ships was broken following the previous patch's change to the mechanics of aeon tmd. It should be fixed with this patch.

Transport drop acceleration

Units will no longer accelerate out of a transport at a target with pre-given orders. This was mainly used when dropping firebeetles to snipe ACUs.

BlackOps Cloak VFX

The visual effects for cloaked units from the BlackOps mod series have been added to the main game. You can see them at work when your Selen, Mole or Cybran ACU/sACU is cloaked!