Patch 3688

Welcome to the patchnotes for the 3688 patch.

This balance patch will be a small one. The main feature of this patch is the move to a mass-based veterancy system.
We have also scrapped changes to the shield spillover and overcharge for now since we want to do them either after or with the next patch.
We hope you can appreciate the changes we made with this patch and welcome constructive feedback via the forum.

We wish you good luck and much fun playing with the new patch!

-- The Balance Team

Game Mechanics


Until now the veterancy system worked in such a way that the tech level of the units killed determined how many veterancy points a unit was given, and only the unit that got the killing blow would get the veterancy point(s).
With this patch we are moving from that tech based system to a mass based system. That means your units will get veterancy based on the mass of the unit that is killed. Your unit also doesn't need to get the killing blow
to get veterancy. Once a unit dies all the units which damaged it will get veterancy points based on how much damage they did to that unit. There are also multipliers to adjust how much veterancy certain classes of units
will require to vet up. We will watch closely for cases where veterancy may move to fast or too slow in certain fights and make any adjustments neccessary in upcoming patches.

  • The mass value of the ACU has been reduced to 2 000 to avoid getting insane veterancy by killing an ACU
  • The amount of veterency points that the ACU gains from higher tech units is reduced to avoid vetting too fast by overcharging mass heavy land units.
  • Experimental units only need to kill 50% of their own worth in mass to gain one veterency rank.
  • Regular units need to destroy 200% of their own worth in mass to gain one veterency rank.
  • Destroying a transport gives veterancy points for the cargo as well as the transport itself.
New unified regeration values.
  • T1 units: +1 → 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 regeneration
  • T2 units: +3 → 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 regeneration
  • T3 units/ACUs: +6 → 6, 12, 18, 24, 30 regeneration
  • SACUs: +9 → 9, 18, 27, 36, 45 regeneration
  • T4 units: +25→ 25,50, 75,100,125 regeneration



We have found that the seraphim gunship is fairly unimpressive especially considering Seraphim do not get a T3 gunship. We've improved it across the board and increased the price.
The ability changes for the t3 gunships are

Seraphim T2 Gunship
  • Health: 864 → 1080
  • Power Build Cost: 4800 → 6000
  • Mass Build Cost: 240 → 300
  • Build Time: 1600 → 2000
  • Damage: 12 → 16

We've moved around the abilites of the UEF and Cybran T3 gunships to better fit the faction designs.

  • Cybran T3 Gunships have a personal stealth ability instead of radar jamming.
  • UEF T3 Gunships have radar jamming.


The novax satellite has been given a decent speed buff and more intel based capabilities to increase it's effectiveness and to give it better abilities as a supportive unit.
The cost increase for rebuilding the satellite - which can only be shot down by a strategic missile at the moment - will nerf it as a tool to lock the t4 nuke launcher.

  • Speed: 6 → 9
  • Radar Range: 70 → 150
  • Omni Range: 0 → 50
  • Energy Cost: 80000 → 160000
  • Mass Cost: 5000 → 10000
  • Build Time: 15000 → 30000


Overall we are pretty happy with the recent MML buffs but the Flapjack buff was a bit over the top.

  • Volley size: 3 → 2

Seraphim T1 Submarine

We've buffed the torp defense considerably to improve the comparatively weak Seraphim sub and to allow them to be used in conjunction with Seraphim destroyers vs T2 subs.

  • Torpedo Defense Rate of Fire 0.05 → 0.2

Seraphim T1 Mobile Artillery

The seraphim t1 arty is currently a very strong tool vs navy. The speed on water nerf - which has been done to other hover units before already - will make the life of the average aeon navy player a bit easier.

  • WaterSpeedMultiplier : 1 → 0.9



T2 and T3 Mass Fabricators have been rebalanced to make T2 Fabs slightly less efficient and T3 a lot more efficient than before.

T2 Fab
  • mass cost: 100 → 200
  • power drain: 150 → 100
T3 Fab
  • mass cost: 3000 → 4000
  • power cost: 65000 → 120000
  • build time: 4988 → 5000
  • power drain: 3500 → 1500
  • mass gain: 12 → 16
  • The adjacency bonus for buildings has been buffed to 20% which is the same value as the one we currently have for buildings of the size of a factory. Gateways are an exception. They get a 3.75% bonus which is similar to what you get for ringing the Gateway with T2 Fabricators.