Patch 3709

Welcome to the patchnotes for the 3709 patch.

The aim of the patch is to make some necessary adjustments before the end of year tournament. In the past few months one of the main requests has been the removal or nerfing of "snipemode" which allowed units to specifically target the ACU. This turned out to be a mechanic that was too punishing and ultimately detrimental to gameplay.

During the LotS qualifiers it also became clear that the mongoose and parashield combo was very strong and so we are adressing that here.

We wish you good luck and much fun playing with the new patch!

-- The Balance Team



The Mongoose became overpowered after the buffs given to it in the last patch and the buffs to mobile shields.

  • MaxSpeed: 3.5 → 3.2
  • MuzzleVelocity: 30 → 28
  • Gatling Gun Damage: 16 → 15
  • Hitbox: 0.4 → 1


Mobile shields get a HP adjustment. They have proven to be very good since their buffs in the previous patch.

  • Shield HP: 3800 → 3500


  • Shield HP: 3500 → 3000


Cybran is the most favoured faction on many maps and one of the reasons is the ability of the wagner to raid very effectively. It gets a HP nerf and underwater speed nerf.

  • Health: 1450 → 1200
  • Underwater speed: 3.7 → 3


The Blaze was the worst T2 unit and Aeon the least popular faction in high level 1v1s so it gets a cost and buildtime buff.

  • Mass cost: 220 → 180
  • Energy cost: 1320 → 1080
  • Buildtime: 1050 → 900

Fire Beetle

Fire beetles get a cost reduction. Their hitbox is increased so that lasers do not miss them so often.

  • Mass cost: 300 → 250
  • Energy cost: 1800 → 1500
  • Buildtime: 1200 → 1000
  • Hitbox: 0.9 → 1


The Selen's hitbox is increased so that lasers do not miss them so often.

  • Hitbox: 0.6 → 0.7


Air scouts

Air scouts get a hitbox increase to stop inties from missing them. Turn rate is also decreased.

  • Hitbox: 1.6 → 2
  • Turn rate: 0.8 → 0.6

Spy planes

Spy planes get a turn rate decrease to allow them to be caught more easily by chasing ASF.

  • Turn rate: 0.8 → 0.6


After adjustments to turn speed in the previous patch, the notha sometimes failed to drop on repeat passes.

  • Rate of fire: 0.1 → 0.2

Wailer and Broadsword

Cybran and UEF T3 gunships get a nerf to their mass and energy cost.

  • Mass cost: 1260 → 1500
  • Energy cost: 42000 → 65000




The seraphim T2 sonar gets an upgrade to fully compensate for the lack of a T3 sonar. It can now move at slow pace and also has the option of submerging like the seraphim destroyer. It moves very slowly while submerged.

  • Mass cost: 180 → 400
  • Energy cost: 5400 → 6000
  • Buildtime: 1171 → 600
  • Speed: 0 → 1
  • Speed while submerged: 0 → 0.5
  • Health: 2000 → 1000
  • Energy maintenance: 100 → 200

Game Mechanics

Snipe mode

ACUs can no longer be prioritised by units except for experimentals, labs, gunships, fighter/bombers and ACU. The "snipemode" mechanic has had a very detrimental effect on ACU usage, punishing slight mis-micro with an instant game loss.


A small fix is applied to avoid overcharge draining too much power for the minimum damage causing an energy stall.


Repair get a cost decrease of 25%. This allow repair to be cost effective.